„When I think of this profession I think of priestly, tireless dedication to getting it right.”

Emma Donoghue

With translations we have been connected professionally since 2005.

From that time we have been gradually improving our English translator workshop in Great Britain.
In our everyday life we have been cooperating with local governments, as well as translation agencies,
and through their medium also with notary’s office, family courts, public health institutions, mental health clinics as well as marketing agencies. 

Since 2009 we have also been dealing with the translations of English literature for youth.

In our offer you can find written translations of: 

  • literature,
  • specialist texts, including legal, medical and psychological translations,
  • correspondence: information texts, biographies, letters of application, leaflets, offers, questionnaires,
    as well as all formal and informal correspondence,
  • documents: notarial, judicial, registry deeds, Inland Revenue, certificates, attestations, school reports, diplomas, invoices, etc.

For special requests we offer assistance in creating and translating business plans.

Confidentiality. Any document or text is confidential for us. The same applies to data such as names, addresses and phone numbers.
They are used solely for the execution of the order by The Polish Guide Translations and are never disclosed to any third parties.

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